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Shang Haur Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd. , Taiwan Vacuum Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1980, accumulated the vacuum nearly 30 years ofprofessional and technical to consult with vacuum technology to provide customers with the best quality service.


Shang Haur Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd. is the general agent of various factories in Europe, the United States, Japan, Korea and other countries in Taiwan and the mainland. The projects include vacuum pumps, blowers, compressors, vacuum meters, chemical dry pumps, film thickness gauges, vacuum valves, pipe fittings and other industrial necessities.

Ion and vacuum coating machines, whole plant output of coating equipment, powder and granular conveying equipment, vacuum systems, vacuum glove boxes, vacuum ovens, etc., are widely used in semiconductors, CD/LED, electronics, medical hospitals, food industry, chemical industry, and optics Various industries such as industry and heat treatment.


Shang-Haur of Vacuum Science and Technology Co., Ltd. In addition to providing high-quality services and consulting, and solid logistics team, to provide customers with the best guarantee of quality and technology, so no worries on the client to use to solve the problem of the use or application, and for customers, rather than manufacturing problems.


Shang-Haur Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd. to provide customers with a full range of vacuum components and technical services, and sincerely hope that your customers rest assured that use the Agent / manufacturing products, Shangqi the wing.



 In 1980, founded in Zhonghe and moved to Tucheng in 2005 until now


 In 1992, became the general agent of STOKES Vacuum in Taiwan, selling rotary vacuum pumps, Lu pumps and other products


In 1994, obtained the general agent of PVR Vacuum in Italy, selling vane vacuum pumps, which are widely used in general industrial automation.


In 1995, became the general agent of Woosung Vacuum in Taiwan for sales of high vacuum pumps


 In 1996, cooperated with PIAB of South Korea to sell powder and granular vacuum conveyors and widely used in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, salt, plastic and other industries to improve the problem of powder conveying in the process and ensure that the raw materials are being transported. During the process, it will not be exposed to the sun, air pollution or oxidation, etc.


In 1998, cooperated with Pompetravaini, Italy, to sell water-sealed vacuum pumps and systems in Taiwan for large-scale exhaust vacuum systems such as power plants, petroleum refining, green energy, and production line vacuum.


In 2000, cooperated with the world pioneer brand Edwards Vacuum to distribute comprehensive products, including high vacuum pumps, Lu pumps, chemical dry vacuum pumps, scroll dry pumps, turbomolecular pumps, diffusion pumps, etc. , Widely used in nuclear energy, optics, optoelectronics, crystal growth, instrumentation, automation... etc. and provide the best after-sales service and quality assurance


2002 Acted as the agent of VMECA vacuum conveyor and widely used in the application of powder vacuum conveying

Since then

Since then, it has successively cooperated with American Agilent, TERRANOVA, Japanese ULVAC, UNOZAWA, ORION, AnEST IWATA and other brands to sell in Taiwan


Acting as an agent for the sales of HIVAC vane vacuum pumps in 2010


Provide customers with the manufacturing and sales of various vacuum pump oils, synthetic oils, diffusion oils, vacuum valves, pipe fittings and other components, and provide maintenance and maintenance services for vacuum pumps of various brands


Shang Haur Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd. adheres to the concepts of professionalism, integrity, technology, leadership, service industries, etc., and provides pre-sales consultation and after-sales service principles to provide customers with the best guarantee for the use of products.

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