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Rotary Vane Pumps

SD series rotary vane pumps address the requirements of all major vacuum applications in diverse industries.

From 5 to 21 m3/h /h:

●no oil mist pollution at the exhaust :
the natural lubrication design offers
the lowest oil mist level, even with
high throughputs or frequent cycling
between atmosphere and ultimate

●compact design : reduced
dimensions, choice of horizontal or
vertical inlet and exhaust ports, all
controls and service access located
on the front.

●optimized tightness : integrated
anti-suckback ; all static seolings
secured by 0-rings; external shaft
seal can be renewed easily, without
dismantling the pump.

●universal single-phase and
three-phase motors : see page 18.

From 33 to 100 m3/h/h:

●forced lubrication for continuous
operation at all pressures.

●built-in anti-suckback, activated by
the oil pump, for protection of
vacuum system against pressure rise.

●rugged design for improved
efficiency and reliability.

●universal and specific three-phase
motors, in line with international
requirements (see ordering
information pages 40 and 41).

From 5 to 100 m3/h :

●high pumping speed from
atmosphere to vacuum.

●efficient gas ballast for vapor pumping.

●air cooleed for optimum performance

●field serviceable, using the appropriate maintenance kits.

Competitive Advantages:Well and High Quality Control ,Prompt Delivery ,Competitive Prices ,In a Variety of Design ,Small Order Acceptable
Sales Method:Wholesale ,OEM/ODM ,Service ,Retail
Payment Terms:T/T,L/C

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Shang Haur Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd.

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