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2 Stage High Vacuum Pump


T RP Series pump is two-stage oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pump and is a new concept out of routine of conventional design to satisfy customers needs for achieveing high vacuum, great throughput, easy installation, operation and maintenance.

I t is designed for all the high to low vacuum application such as for laboratory, Semiconductor industry, TV bube pumping, analytical instruments, light bulbs, fluorescent lights, distillation, freeze drying and all the other vacuum application works.

I t consists of oil anti-suckback valve and gas ballast valve for protecting pump, pump housing, top cover, motor, rotor being eccentric in cylinder inside of oil casing, vane, midcover, rear cover, etc forming pump body and the other parts.

T he operational principal of the pump is based on that the pump and motor are connected by flexible coupling and as the motor rotates so does pump rotor. As the rotor rotates, two vanes in rotor vane groove turn and making contact with the internal surface of the cylinder due to centrifugal force. The gas drawn through dirt trap in the intake passes the oil anti-suckback valve and streams into the pump cylinder. As rotating vanes and is confined between the vanes and moving towards the exhaust valve. As the front vane passing the exhaust channel, the gas is being compressed and fully compressed gas oens the exhaust valve and exhausted through exhaust port. For lubrication and tight sealing, oil is supplied to the cylinder inside and vanes, rotor vane groove and vanes, and other moving area.


A s a manufacturer speciallizing in vacuum pumps, we developed this pumps, we developed this pump series which is highly efficient in various ranges, low noise, easy to use and maintain, to protect pump and environment. TRP series has design features as


Employing new material (high quality continiously drawn cast iron bar), completely eliminated the imperfection in vacuum pressure caused by casting defect or blowhole in the cast material. So it is possible to obtain high vacuum and large throughput.
Competitive Advantages:Well and High Quality Control ,Prompt Delivery ,Competitive Prices ,In a Variety of Design ,Small Order Acceptable
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