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Root Vacuum System

PVR Lu-booster vacuum pump are the stable operation of clover design (Lobe Type) vacuum, vacuum use range from 80 to 0.01mbar can be in series with a variety of vacuum pump (backing pump), to obtain a large displacement, high vacuum the effect of PVR Roots booster vacuum pump design direct transmission (Direct drive), vertical type (Vertical type) design, convenient customer link in the suction intake filter design (option) to avoid solid impurities from falling into injury pumped bypass valve (overflow valve, by pass value) links with the vacuum pump (backing pump), and can be installed from atmospheric pressure to start faster exhaust velocity.
Sturdy structure, easy maintenance, and high efficiency.
Full air-cooled, low noise, low vibration.
The unique design of the shaft seal to avoid compression chamber by oil pollution.
VITON Seal resistance to high temperature and erosion corrosion resistance gases.
Helical gear design, quiet operation, actuation precision.
The unique rotor design, high air flow, pressure differential.
In low vacuum, still a large displacement of demobilized.
Can be directly initiated from an atmospheric pressure, high efficiency, to save time.
Competitive Advantages:Well and High Quality Control ,Prompt Delivery ,Competitive Prices ,In a Variety of Design ,Small Order Acceptable
Sales Method:Wholesale ,OEM/ODM ,Service ,Retail
Payment Terms:T/T,L/C

Shang Haur Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd.

Shang Haur Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd. , Taiwan Vacuum Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1980, accumulated the vacuum nearly 20 years ofprofessional and technical to consult with vacuum technology to provide customers with the best quality service, and further plans to set up a branch office in the major industrial city in China to serve the majority ofcustomers..
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