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Chemical Dry Vacuum Pump


●Vacuum Distillation and Solvent
Stripping - excellent for solvent recovery
● Pharmaceutical Production -
recovery of solvents, collection of
● Pilot Vacuum Processes - differen-
tial condensation, recovery of high-
boiling intermediates
● Flavors and Fragrances - enhanced
recovery of essential oils, terpinoids,
and complex flavor concentrates
● Medical Device Fabrication - clean,
sterilizable vacuum pump for
implantable device manufacture.
Recovery of ethylene oxide gas
● Materials Research - pump aggres-
sive gases safely at high flows and
● Fatty Acid Production - elimination
of water pollution and drain blockage
from ejector effluents

Chem-Dry Eagle
Features and Benefits
●Vertical flow path - for efficient partic-
ulate handling
● Horizontal construction - for ease
of service
● Built with materials that can
withstand tough service
● Direct cooling of process gas via
the unique flow path design
● Isothermal compression
● No cold spots on the pumping
chamber wall due to direct cooling
● Small and compact
● Temperature controllable
● Constant horsepower over the
operating range
● Able to handle liquid upsets with-
out the need to reset a shear pin
● Can operate at any point on the
performance curve and handle
bursts of air
Country of Origin:United States of America
Competitive Advantages:Well and High Quality Control ,Prompt Delivery ,Competitive Prices ,Small Order Acceptable
Sales Method:Wholesale ,OEM/ODM ,Service ,Retail
Payment Terms:T/T,L/C

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